Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why Would You Want to Read This??

I really enjoy reading other people's blogs. I don't follow any blogs religiously, but I do like to search and scroll thorugh the odd blog when I have a few minutes to do so. It's intriguing in the sense that it's almost like going through someone's diary, or a private note that wasn't quite intended for you...or maybe I'm the only one who feels that way and now you're just thinking that I'm kind of weird :)

Blogging, however, does not appeal to me at all. I really don't know why anyone would want to read what I have to write. My life, really, is not especially unique in any sort of way. I'm very average (except in height: somewhat below average). So why am I doing this? I really don't have a clue. Let me sit on it for a few days (or a year because it has taken me a year to write a second post) and I'll get back to you.

Before I think too hard on it and possibly regret whatever I may write, I'll share a few updates since my last post for the 4 wonderful followers that I notice I have!

We've had a lot of changes this year. We've jumped over the city and settled in Okotoks. We bought a little veterinary clinic that Rick runs as sole practitioner. He absolutely loves working for himself and has a wonderful clientele. We've met some amazing people through the clinic! I've been doing the bookkeeping for the clinic which has been a lot of fun and keeps me busy enough with the little ones at home. Because of this, I am also able to stay home with the kids until I choose to go back to work. I feel SO blessed!! Ironically, when we were living in Cochrane, it was Foothills School Division that I worked with. Both Rick and I have lived in Okotoks before - even at the same time - but we didn't know each other then. Rick did an equine internship after graduating from university at Okotoks Animal Clinic and, when I finished university, Allie and I lived with my parents here the first year that I taught. We've come full circle!

We really miss all of our friends in Cochrane and the town itself, but Okotoks has been a really good move for us. One of my closest friends lives here and I love having the opportunity to do more with her and her family. We've met some great new people, especially through church, and there are a ton of great clubs and activities for the kids. I still have a scrapbook room (although smaller) and my treadmill now lives inside the house (not in the garage)!!

Do you feel like you are reading my dairy yet???

I'm going to set a tentative goal to give blogging a serious try. In fact, I'll even go so far to say that I will blog in the next few weeks (okay, maybe months) on the following topics:
* wheat gluten as an awesome tasty sustitute for meat (because you have taught me so much T, thank you!)
* sqare foot gardening (something else I recently learned about and love!)
* something undecided.

And if I still don't like blogging, that will be all!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Welcome to my blog! I tried earlier to create my first "entry" but, try as I might, couldn't come up with anything worthy of publicizing. There's a lot of pressure when you are writing for a larger audience...larger being...more than just me!

So, I've titled this blog "training" because I had a great paragraph written out in the "About Me" section of this blog that had to be scrapped due to size restrictions. Apparently you are only given 1200 characters to write a blurb about yourself. Anyway, this paragraph was on "training" and my endeavors to be a "triathlete". Not a professional triathlete by ANY stretch of the imagination...just the kind of person who manages a few workout on the treadmill, the bike and in the pool a few times a week...and who sometimes finds herself enrolled in races involving all three sports. Let me clarify further: enrolled in these races not to podium...just to finish!

I've struggled lately with being able to get all of my scheduled work-outs in. Although I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to run, I enjoy the bike and only tolerate the pool. Open water scares the begeebers out of me. I don't really know what begeebers are...but I enjoy the word.

My goal for April is to complete all of my workouts. How can I expect my children to follow through with committments if I don't? So, here it is, 11 pm...and I skipped my bike work out tonight to create a fitting! compensate...I'm going to implement this goal early! I am going to force myself out of bed tomorrow morning and onto the bike! Better go...6 am will be here far too soon!

Scrapbook side note: Stay tuned for photos of all the fun projects I am creating for the Trade Fair on May 1st!